About Us


Holmbush Primary Academy provides a safe, attractive and stimulating learning environment for over 200 pupils ages 4 to 11.

The classrooms are extremely well resourced; light, bright and airy and much larger than average sized primary classrooms.

We have excellent ICT provision with a number of networked computers in every room and access to a wide variety of portable computers, ipads, Learn pads, cameras, microphones, webcams and other equipment that enriches our curriculum. We have a fantastic library offering a huge selection of books which the children can borrow to read at home.

We have a dedicated modern kitchen area where children can learn how to prepare food. We have a large multipurpose hall which we use for dance, games and gymnastics. We have an attractive outside space with a variety of equipment, for the children to improve their physical development, around our playground.

We also have an outside classroom and a small conservation woodland. Every classroom opens up directly onto the outside areas and we frequently make use of this resource in our lessons.

We are a Rights Respecting Academy

  • Article 12 – Your right to say your ideas and be listened to.
  • Article 19 – Your right to be kept safe.
  • Article 28 – Your right to learn at school.
  • Article 29 – Your right to be the best you can be.
  • Article 31 - Your right to relax and play.

Children respect these rights by:

Putting their hands up and waiting for their turn to speak.
Listening to everyone politely.
Concentrating and working as hard as they can.
Knowing and understanding their next steps for learning.
Looking after the classroom and all the equipment in it.
Sharing playground equipment and taking turns.
Asking others to join in.
Being careful and looking out for each other.

Adults respect these rights by:

Creating opportunities for children to speak and listen to each other.
Listening to children’s ideas and taking them into account.
Preparing lessons that challenge every child at their level.
Providing children with a safe place to play, and supervising their playtimes.