Vision & Mission Statement

Learning and improving together without limits.

At Holmbush Primary Academy we aim for:

High Expectations
Outstanding and creative learning journeys
Learning through challenge and excitement
Making the most of partnerships with parents and the community
Building on progress
Understanding the needs and achievements of everyone
Safe and secure environment

Values - Respect

  • Responsibility
  • Everyone is equal
  • Stay healthy
  • Persevere
  • Encourage
  • Challenge and inspire
  • Together as friends

Through learning the children will develop the following four Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural attitudes:

  • Self awareness
  • Open-mindedness
  • Appreciation and wonder
  • Respect for all

Learning Together

We work together with the other schools in Shoreham, Southwick, Lancing and Sompting. Together we are called the Adur Family of Schools.

We share the following Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values:

We are reflective

  • We believe that we are here to learn.
  • We have faith in ourselves and others.
  • We reflect on our actions and our impact on others.
  • We think deeply in lessons and during assemblies.
  • We consider our environment.

We know the difference between right and wrong

  • We learn to the best of our ability.
  • We do as we are asked the first time.
  • We are always in the right place at the right time.
  • We come to school properly equipped.
  • We always look smart and ready to learn.
  • We keep to Holmbush rules.
  • We act safely at all times.

We are a caring community

  • We respect ourselves and others around the school and in the classroom.
  • We greet others respectfully (a smile helps).
  • We say please and thank you.
  • We keep left and hold doors open.
  • We communicate considerately.
  • We apologise when we should.

We enrich our lives

  • We journey to and from school respecting our local community.
  • We respect other faiths and cultures.
  • We take part in school and community activities.
  • We recognise that everyone is equal.
  • We believe that outstanding progress is achievable by all.