Meet Our Staff

Below is a list of all staff at Holmbush.

Mrs R Jackson Head of Learning (Headteacher)
Miss S Stickley Head of Innovation (Deputy Headteacher)
Mrs D Edwards Finance Officer
Mrs N Pilbrow Inclusion Manager
Mrs A Hamlet Lead Learner – English
Ms S Smith Lead Learner – Maths
Mrs M Mckechnie Lead Learner (Teacher)
Mrs L Roberts Lead Learner (Teacher)
Mrs S Bonner Lead Learner (Teacher)
Miss E Price Lead Learner (Teacher)
Miss S Hill Lead Learner (Teacher)
Mr J Cooke Lead Learner (Teacher)
Mrs K Griffin Lead Learner (Teacher)
Mrs C Edes Learning Assistant
Mrs S Hunt Learning Assistant
Miss R Peacock Learning Assistant
Mrs R Scott Learning Assistant
Mrs M Southwell Learning Assistant
Miss K Finn Learning Assistant
Mrs L Jones Learning Assistant
Miss F Lowry Learning Assistant/Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs C Starr Learning Assistant/Learning Mentor
Mrs G Simons School Business Manager
Mr A Walton Premises Officer / Midday Meals Supervisor
Miss K Stevens Learning Assistant / Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs D Agate Breakfast Club Supervisor/Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs K Edwards Midday Meals Supervisor
Mrs C Stepney Administrator Pupils and Parents
Miss S Case Sports Coach / Learning Assistant