Our Tuck Shop

We have started running our own Tuck Shop! Opening Times: First Break – 10.15am – 10.30am

Children from Year 5 and 6 have this set up just like a 'real' business. They set up, take inventories, sell the products and cash up. Through this, they are learning about budgeting, calculating money and keeping their customers happy!

Roll up, roll up!

Come to our tremendous Tuck Shop where you can get fun fruit, yummy yoghurts, fab Fruit Whinders, gorgeous Go Ahead bars, marvellous milkshakes, radical raisins, cheeky cereal bars/rice crispy bars plus much more!

Prices range from as little as 20p and no more than 50p (yes, we do give change!).

Children may buy one food selection and one drink.

I think that Tuck Shop is a great idea because if you’re ever a bit hungry there is one cheap place to be...Tuck Shop!

Alfie L

I think that Tuck Shop is good because Year 5 and 6 get their own little job during break. I also think that it’s good that the people that run the Tuck Shop have given up their first break to help you.

Joe L

Please come to our fantastic Tuck Shop!