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Curriculum Intent

We are committed to meeting the requirements of the primary national curriculum, reflecting its content and challenge. We believe in providing children with rich, broad and creative experiences in order to engage and deepen their learning within a culture of high aspirations and expectations.

Our whole school community work together to ensure that our curriculum is engaging, relevant, and progressive. It develops the academic abilities of each child whilst keeping the Holmbush values at the heart of everything it does in order to nurture social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding.

Our curriculum is inclusive and is taught with the consideration of the needs of all our learners. Each child is seen as unique and we aim to provide equity of opportunity and a challenging curriculum that builds on strong foundations. 

Teaching and learning takes place through a wide range of exciting topics, designed to be relevant to the pupils we teach. We provide pupils with the knowledge and skills that are essential to future success. We encourage them to ask questions, apply their knowledge in different contexts, link their learning to real life experiences and solve problems.

Developing outstanding skills in reading, writing and maths opens doors to many life opportunities and enables pupils to learn effectively across a wide range of subjects. We use high quality texts as a stimulus to engage and motivate learners. 

We also recognise the importance of developing and unlocking our children’s abilities and talents in areas beyond this. Therefore, these skills are embedded within the teaching of the arts, humanities, sport and modern foreign languages. Through this, we improve the children’s knowledge and understanding of both their local community and the wider world. It is important that the children in our community understand a range of cultures beyond their immediate experience therefore, this is included within our curriculum. 

At Holmbush, we believe that learning should take place both inside and outside the classroom. Therefore, we use forest schools and other visits to enrich our curriculum and provide meaningful experiences for all our children.

Curriculum Statement

Our Curriculum Subjects

*Early Years Foundation Stage