Curriculum overview

Basic skills statement

At Holmbush Primary Academy we believe that the acquisition of basic skills is the foundation of all learning and that it is the responsibility of all staff to improve basic skills. The school is committed to maintaining and enhancing Literacy and Numeracy throughout the school by:

  • Following the structure of the National Curriculum
  • Using our Progression in GPS document and fluency objectives to focus learning on basic skills for all children
  • Enriching the curriculum with visitors to the school, trips outside the school, Holmbush University lessons, stunning starts and fantastic finishes
  • Using ICT and other subject areas to practise and enhance Literacy and Numeracy
  • Encouraging and providing staff development in all areas of Literacy and Numeracy through a focused and pertinent CPD programme
  • Providing and continuing to purchase quality and suitable resources
  • Placing a strong emphasis on Quality First teaching and learning through the school policy and through regular monitoring by the Senior Leadership Team and subject leaders
  • Monitoring teaching and learning to provide feedback to bring about improvement and celebrate success
  • Developing a structured system to plan, evaluate and assess teaching and learning in order to monitor progress and raise standards
  • Ensuring the school’s assessment and marking policies are used effectively to involve pupils in self assessment and target setting
  • Involving governors and parents in developments and standards achieved
  • Providing support and information to parents about basic skills and how they can help their children.

Additional information about the curriculum can be obtained from your child’s class teacher.


Twp pupils playing the drums and the guitar

Visitors, visits and a range of well-attended clubs contribute effectively to pupils' enjoyment of the curriculum.

Ofsted, 2013

Our curriculum is fun and engaging, exciting and memorable. It is fundamentally creative and fosters creativity. We aim not simply to try and make children remember, but to build experiences that they cannot forget.

It teaches children how to learn, how to ask questions and where to look for answers. Our children learn to think for themselves. It involves working with others, working together, developing social skills, teamwork, negotiation and an understanding of fairness. 

We aim to personalise our curriculum to each child's interests and needs, developing independence and a love of learning. It has personal, social, health and economic understanding at its centre, developing our children's understanding of themselves as citizens in a local, national and global sense. 

We aim to make the learning real for our children and strongly believe in visits, visitors and real life learning experiences. These include: residential trips to France and Lodge Hill; day trips to London and Portsmouth Harbour; participation in local arts and dance events such as Beach Dreams; singing at the O2 in London and participation in a wide range of sporting events in and around Shoreham.